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How to Make Extra Money Selling Recycling Aluminum Cans Step to Making Money

How to Make Extra Money Selling Recycling Aluminum Cans Have you ever wondered what to do with empty soda cans after a party or beer cans after a barbecue?

Although you can recycle them, you can also sell those cans for cash at recycling facilities or scrap metal yards.

Everything you need: recycling bins, some garbage bags, and a car to transport the cans. There are some up-front costs to recycling and selling cans, but you retain much of the money you make.

It’s an easy way to get some extra money without any special skills or equipment, and anyone can do it.

You can maximize your Income by collecting the bottle bill laws in the state, knowing the price of aluminum, and having different locations to collect the cans.

How to Make Money Recycling Cans and Bottles

If you choose to recycle cans and bottles for extra money, there are a few ways you can maximize your income and make your collection efforts more efficient.

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Bottle Deposit Fee

The fee can range from $ 0.05 to $ 0.15, depending on variables such as quantity, container material, and type of beverage.  The deposit fee per bottle is the amount of money the consumer pays for a recyclable beverage container. Retailers pay a fee for each case or bottle they buy from distributors, and the fee is passed on to customers at the final price of the beverage.

The distributor will then refund the retailer or redemption center the deposit amount for each container, as well as an additional handling fee. As soon as the consumer has consumed the beverage, the empty container can be returned to the retailer or redemption center for a deposit refund.

Offering a deposit for all of them encourages people to return these containers, preventing them from entering streets, waterways, and wooded areas. Why focus on bottles and cans? According to the Container Recycling Institute, beverage containers make up between 40 to 60 percent of trash.

Bottle Bills in the USA

These invoices introduce a deposit refund system in which the consumer pays a deposit for each recyclable container and then receives a refund for each return. The Bottle Bill Act is another term for the “Container deposit law” that requires a minimum refundable deposit on recyclable containers, including beer bottles, soda cans, and other beverage containers.

The amount you get for each container depends on the condition and volume of the container. The purpose of these laws is to encourage a higher rate of recycling and reuse of beverage containers. The deposit amount varies between two and 15 cents.

Currently, there are 10 US states with bottle bills, and each state has its own rate:

State Bottle Deposit Fee
California $.10 for 24oz and higher

$.5 for under 24oz.

Connecticut $.05
Hawaii $.05
Iowa $.05
Maine $.15
Massachusetts $.05
Michigan $.10
New York $.05
Oregon $.10

$.02 (standard refillable bottle)

Vermont $.15 (liquor bottles)

$.05 (all others)

Guam $.05

Best States to Recycle Aluminum Cans

However, if you don’t live near these states or are too far from a recycling center, how much you earn depends on other factors, such as the price of scrap aluminum. In general, it’s better to recycled aluminum cans and other containers in states bottle bill laws, as these states offer a higher price per container.

Scrap Price of Aluminum Cans

The price fluctuates depending on the cost and type of metals, energy and production, supply and demand, and other variables. If you selling aluminum cans in states without bottle bills, your revenue will depend on the current price of the aluminum scrap.

Keep in mind that the average weight of an aluminum can is about half an ounce. Keep an eye on the price so that when you take your bottles and cans to the redemption center or recycling facility, you can negotiate a better payment.

This difference is worth keeping in mind if you decide to try selling aluminum cans as a side hustle.

In a state that has no bottle bill and assumes $ 0.40 / pound aluminum, you would need $ 80 to earn $ 1. However, in a state with a bottle bill, you earn $ 4 per pound for the same number of cans.

Where to Sell Aluminum Cans

If you live in a state with a bottle bill, you can find recycling stations or reverse vending machines at traditional retailers such as grocery stores. You can sell aluminum cans in many places. Empty containers are automatically collected and the deposit is returned. You can also search for redemption or recycling centers in your area.

During shipping, the containers are weighed and you get a lot of quotes. For states without bottle bills, aluminum cans must be taken to a scrap metal buyer or recycling center. Find local recycling centers and be sure to read the reviews to find a center that offers a fair price.

6 Places to Find Aluminum Cans

It takes a lot of cans to make a decent amount of money selling aluminum, and you may need to be creative in finding extra cans in addition to what you consume.

1. Your Home and Neighborhood

Just put a separate bag or container in the garage so everyone can download their empty aluminum cans. The first stop is your own home, especially if you drink a lot of soft drinks or beer with your family.

Once or twice a week set a schedule for stopping and Collect all the cans to avoid collapsing. Ask your neighbors, family, and friends if they want to take care of their aluminum cans.

Consider setting up a system where you share some of the money you earn by recycling aluminum cans. The easier it is for people, the more likely they are to be willing to recycle it.

2. Your Workplace

Talk to your company’s management and make sure they agree with collecting the cans. If you have a soft drink vending machine in your workplace, this is a great opportunity to collect additional beverage containers.

Once you have been permitted to continue, put in a separate container that comes with “aluminum cans only” or something similar. There should be no problem in most places as you will helping them recycle. Check your bin every day, possibly during lunch and every day after work.

You don’t want the cans to be thrown out accidentally. Also, be sure to talk to the cleaning staff and let them know that you are collecting the cans.

Set a daily collection time, for example, immediately after leaving work. This way you can still collect extra cans for free. The key to success is tracking your can collection. Do not allow cans to accumulate and keep the area clean.

3. Local Businesses

The option of collecting additional cans is to contact local businesses and offer to install an aluminum can recycling bin in the breakroom. Many companies are happy to participate in a recycling program, especially if it is free. Collect the cans weekly to make sure the area stays clean and nothing builds up.

4. Local Schools

You can do this more easily if you have a child at school or if you work there. Contact your local schools and offer the setup recycling bins. For security reasons, schools may not allow random people into the building, especially if there are students there. However, if you can arrange a pick-up time on weekends or after school time, they are willing to work with you.

If he does, he offers to set up recycling bins in the cafeteria and next to the vending machines for free. To start collecting cans this way, call the school and ask if they have vending machines that sell beverages aluminum cans. Make sure you have a pick-up schedule with them so the trash cans don’t overflow.

Recycling in schools helps prevent cans from going to landfills, makes it easy to collect multiple containers, and encourages students and staff to participate in recycling programs.

5. Public Parks

Thousands of people attend these events so you can easily put together a truck bed full of empty cans. Public parks are a good place to search for empty cans, especially if there are outdoor concerts or festivals in the area.

Many people stand in front of the trunk before heading to the concert, leaving empty cans behind.  Check the parking lots and areas around the park. This is an easy way to add it to your storage space.

Also, check out the grassy areas and free picnic tables. People often leave their empty cans on the table or the floor, there is no need to throw them away.

6. Roadside

This can be a great way to get more empty cans while helping to clean and save the environment. Because people regularly dump aluminum cans on the side of the road, they can collect extra cans by traveling these routes.

You can also make money walking when looking for empty aluminum cans that you can add to the pile. All you need is a good pair of shoes, an empty garbage bag, and some time.

Make sure you have taken all safety precautions, such as collecting sunlight only in a safe place, and that collecting the cans does not violate any local or state laws.

You Can Make Money Selling Aluminum Cans

No training, start-up costs, or special equipment required. While you won’t get rich selling scrap aluminum cans, it can be an easy way to make some money on your side. You can get started today and make money quickly and easily. If you collect enough cans or bottles, you can earn up to $100 in a week.

Just be sure to pay attention to the current price and find a reliable deal somewhere Your earnings will be higher if you live in a state that has a bottle, but you can still make money recycling aluminum cans, no matter where you live…

As well as making some extra money, you also help the environment by preventing these cans from going to landfill.

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