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12 Places to Sell Used DVDs for Cash Online Free Shipping (Best Place)

12 Places to Sell Used DVDs for Cash Online Free Shipping (Best Place) If you need to make money, one of the easiest ways to do this is to sell items that you no longer use. Despite the rapid spread of these digital entertainment platforms, the market for used DVDs is still good. DVDs are the perfect first choice, especially if you use a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu for entertainment.

This means that there are still plenty of people willing to take advantage of DVDs from your hands at the right price. The MPAA estimates that in 2018, Americans spent $ 5.8 billion on DVDs and Blu-ray

Where to Sell Your Used DVDs Online

Not only do you reach more buyers, but you can get instant quotes from several different sites by using comparison websites. Consider selling used DVDs online. It takes a little more work, the best place to sell DVDs online but with this method, you can often get the best price for each DVD.

There are many options for selling DVDs online, which means you are more likely to get a good price for them. Used DVDs may need to be delivered to multiple buyers, which can complicate the process, but this is the best way to maximize ROI.

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1. Decluttr

If you have items you want to sell outside of your DVD, Decluttr can be a good solution. Decluttr is a popular DVD buyer. It accepts other items such as used cell phones, books, video games, and LEGO.

If you like the price, you can add it to your order. Decluttr offers an application with a barcode scanner that makes a quick and easy offer for DVDs. Once done, Decluttr will send you an email with a free shipping label. Your payment will be issued the day after the DVDs are received and reviewed. You can receive payments via PayPal, check, or direct deposit.

To sell to Decluttr, you must submit at least 10 items with a combined value of more than $ 5. See our  Decluttr Review for more information.

2. Bonavendi

best place to sell DVDs online Although you can’t sell your DVD directly to Bonavendi, you can quickly scan all of them with the in-app barcode scanner. Using the Bonavendi price comparator is a great option if you want to get as much money as possible for each DVD.  Bonavendi shows the best price among more than 30 retailers who are currently buying that DVD.

3. FYE

FYE only buys used DVDs. It does not offer free shipping, but if you ship at least five DVDs worth $ 0.25 or more and have a total order of at least $ 10, the company will offer you a shipping credit of up to $ 5.26. You can choose to receive a check, PayPal payment, or online credit on the FYE website.

Online retail stores and the site operate independently of each other, so you may receive a different quote from the retail store compared to the site. FYE also offers a limited number of retail stores that can personally accept DVDs.


However, the best place to sell DVDs online you may want to compare the price with others to determine if you are getting the most money for your used DVDs. The main advantage of is free shipping. It doesn’t offer an app with a barcode scanner, so you have to manually enter all of them, which can be tedious.

5. eBay

It’s free to list your collection if you list 50 or fewer items per month. But if you sell your collection, eBay will achieve a 10% discount. If you want to release your entire DVD collection online at once, instead of shipping each one separately, eBay may be the best option.

Pictures also help. It is also a good idea to purchase the boxes in advance so that you can accurately estimate shipping costs. Don’t forget to list all the DVDs in your collection so buyers know what they’re getting.

Where to Sell Used DVDs for Cash Near Me

You don’t even have to worry about shipping costs turning into profit. If you throw away his DVD cases and put them in a folder, he may not be able to sell them so easily online, but he can find local buyers. There are also some benefits to selling DVDs in person. In some cases, you can get rid of your collection earlier and have cash on hand.

6. Pawn Shop

However, the best place to sell DVDs online with this option, you may not get as much cash. One of the quickest ways to cash in on used DVDs is to sell your collection to a pawn shop.

From this, you get various offers that allow you to choose the highest one. For the best price, try using an app like PawnGuru to create an ad that pawnshops can see.

7. Consignment Store

Depending on the consignment store, you can sell your collection in its entirety or separately. Selling used DVDs is a less common option at the consignment store.

Be aware that selling used DVDs separately can take much longer and some DVDs may not sell at all.

8. Used Bookstore

If you’re an avid reader and don’t need cash, choosing a store loan may be the best option. Secondhand bookstores often offer two payment options: a smaller cash payment or a larger store credit.

Used Bookstore can also buy DVDs. Each library used is different, but it is likely that only certain DVDs will be accepted, if at all. If your DVD sells, you will get your cashback.

9. Craigslist

Craigslist buyers may be slightly older and more willing to buy DVDs than tech-savvy youngsters who prefer online streaming platforms. Craigslist popularity has waned over the years, but it’s still a good market for local buyers and sellers to connect with.

The best place to sell DVDs online You can increase sales if you are willing to part with each DVD, but you can spend much more time organizing meetings or no presentations. You can sell your used DVD collection in its entirety or separately.

If that doesn’t bother you, put your collection in more places to secure a sale.

10. Facebook

Although selling items on Facebook is free, sellers on Facebook provide less support than proven platforms like eBay. Facebook offers two convenient ways to sell used DVDs: through Facebook Marketplace and informal local buying and selling groups.  This means that if you have issues like fraud or shipping issues, it can be yourself.

The Facebook Marketplace is near the top of the left navigation menu. When using the app, click the hamburger button (the three-row button) in the lower-right corner of the screen to access a menu that displays a link to Marketplace. To find local buying and selling groups, simply enter your city name and “buying and selling group” in the search engine at the top of the Facebook page.

11. OfferUp

The best place to sell DVDs online It is often used by those people buying and selling items locally, although there is a shipping option so you can sell to distant buyers. OfferUp is a marketplace application that allows you to quickly list the items for sale at your home. You can communicate with buyers directly in the app’s messenger, so you don’t have to worry about strangers finding your Facebook profile.

Publish and sell free articles locally. However, you may have to pay service and shipping fees if a buyer wants your DVDs delivered.

12. Garage Sale

If there is room for it, consider hosting a garage sale. This has several benefits.

You don’t have to hold more customer meetings than when you sell on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Buyers who come to sell you are looking for used items. best place to sell DVDs online If you price used DVDs accordingly, you are more likely to sell them.

As you selling your DVDs, you can take advantage of the opportunity to raise cash for other unused items such as old bread machines, clothing, and crafts.

Get Cash for Your Unwanted DVDs

This gives you an idea of how much you can get on the DVDs you use. If you have this price, you can use it with an online seller, or if you want to sell your DVD in person, have a bargain with buyers. Whether you choose to sell used DVDs online or in person, start your search online with a price comparison app like Bonavendi.

Selling used DVDs may not make you rich, but it’s a great way to free up space in your home while still paying back cash.

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