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FlexJobs Review: Pros, Cons, and Work From Home Job Search

FlexJobs Review: Pros, Cons, and Work From Home Job Search jobing from home involve benefits that a traditional 9 to 5 office job does not receive. You can avoid long journeys and rush hour traffic, stay in your pajamas all day, and even wash on Tuesday mornings. If the freedom and flexibility of jobing from home excite you, you may want to think about how to find a legitimate job-from-home job. Enter the FlexJobs application. FlexJobs is an online job board designed for people looking for great job-from-home opportunities.

What is FlexJobs?

the company was founded in 2007 after Sara Sutton Fell and jobing mother who wanted more flexibility in her career realized how difficult it is to find legitimate, flexible jobs. FlexJobs is a career website, specializes in telecommuting, flexible, freelance, and part-time job opportunities.

Since its debut more than a decade ago, 3.8 million people have used FlexJobs for flexible job search.

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Is FlexJobs Legit and Safe to Use?

The only difference between FlexJobs and other sites is that FlexJobs focuses on flexible positions that allow people to start and stop jobs. FlexJobs is a legitimate job board like CareerBuilder or Monster.

You can job from 6 to 2, on weekends or at the time that best fits your schedule. In a flexible position, you don’t have to job the traditional 8 to 5 hours if you don’t want to.

FlexJobs does the hard job for you, so you have the flexibility to take advantage of flexible job opportunities. Because FlexJobs manually checks each job before publishing, you don’t have to worry about scams.

It can be a great resource if you are a parent hoping to be more accessible to your children and family, a freelancer, looking for more clients and projects, or someone who lives in the countryside and has a hard time finding a job.

FlexJobs can also benefit you if you simply love the idea of ​​making money from the comfort of your home.

How Does FlexJobs job?

There is a research team that researches hundreds of job force resources, such as employer sites, industry blogs, and other jobing committees, job boards to find open, flexible positions. FlexJobs jobs with thousands of companies that send flexible jobs directly to their site.

A qualified investigator is involved in the selection process, who investigates the company and ensures the rigor of the job. Whenever a job that looks promising is found, it is further investigated and only posted to FlexJobs legitimate.

This includes how users apply it directly. For each FlexJobs job, a job summary is compiled by employees, and a description of the company and headquarters is posted.

While you have to pay to use FlexJobs, the fee is worth it because the site takes time and guess job to find legitimate flexible jobs and keeps scammers away.


There is no scam. This is a big advantage as many of the flexible positions you can find on the internet are scams. Because FlexJobs scans all jobs before posting to make sure they are legitimate, there are no scams on the site.

Excellent sorting options.  You can search for jobs by specific keywords, or by category, career level, U.S. location, and hours of operation. FlexJobs offers several filtering options so you can refine your search.

Money-back guarantee. You have nothing to lose with this money-back guarantee. If for any reason you do not like FlexJobs, you can request a refund within 30 days of creating or renewing your account.

Time savings.FlexJobs can save you hours in your job search by browsing multiple corporate websites, job postings, blogs, and other online resources and publishing them all in one place, giving you a central place for job opportunities. Finding any type of job, including a flexible work-from-home job, can be time-consuming.

Variety of jobs. FlexJobs has more than 50 job categories, as well as entry-level to executive jobs, and a time commitment between freelance and full-time.

There are no ads. When you browse FlexJobs, you don’t see any distracting ads that hinder your job search.

Work From Home Job Search


Fee. FlexJobs is not free, so you have to pay to apply for jobs through the site.

Not all job-from-home options.  While many of the jobs FlexJobs submits are 100% job-from-home opportunities, some are not. The site also includes jobs that allow you to the work-from-home job in some cases, as well as jobs that offer a work-from-home job.

Jobs are listed on other sites. Some of the jobs on FlexJobs can also be found elsewhere on the internet, so posts are not only visible to members.

Many IT or tech-related jobs. You will notice that many of the FlexJobs lists are related to information technology (IT) or technology. This can be a disadvantage if this industry is not your strength.

Salaries are rarely posted.  Because most employers don’t include advance payment information in their job postings, it’s difficult to know what a job pays until you apply and go through the interview process.

Hand-screened jobs

Each job is individually reviewed to make sure it is legitimate, professional, and flexible. Because FlexJobs knows that there are countless scams and too good, true, and true jobs out there, trained researchers make manual job selection a priority. Delete any job that doesn’t meet this criterion or has been canceled or expired.

You can save yourself from some of the common frustrations that come with looking for a work-from-home job. By manually reviewing your job places, FlexJobs can offer you a faster, easier, and safer job search experience.

Job resources

As a FlexJobs member, you get access to professional articles, job search checklists, 170 expert skills tests, and videos that show you how to improve your resume. While FlexJobs is fully audited and known for its job postings, the site also offers several resources that may be helpful.

FlexJobs hires expert professional trainers who can answer questions about resumes, distance management, and other issues. For an additional fee, you can request individual professional advice or continue with the review.

Member savings

a job with companies like Dell, TurboTax, Sittercity, Audible, and Wejob to save 10-50% on a wide variety of purchases. FlexJobs aims to make your flexible job search affordable by offering discounts on more than sixty products and services to help you find a job and enhance your lifestyle.

These great offers can help offset the cost of becoming a FlexJobs member.

FlexJobs pricing

If you choose to join FlexJobs, you can choose from these three membership options.

1 month for $ 14.95 – This membership may make sense if you are looking for the best way to join FlexJobs and think your job search will be pretty short.

3 months for $ 29.95 – If you want to have a realistic schedule for finding a work-from-home job, this option may be the right way to go.

1 Year for $ 49.95 – If you are interested in freelance opportunities or think your job search will take more than 3 months, a one-year membership is a good option.

Because you can get a refund within 30 days of signing up for FlexJobs, you can try it risk-free. There are also FlexJobs promo codes that make it even more profitable. To find them, do a simple search for “FlexJobs Coupons”.

Types of Jobs Available on FlexJobs

FlexJobs has over 50 different categories FlexJobs, so you will likely find one or more categories that pique your interest and match your experience.


Data entry

If you submit a data entry job using FlexJobs, you will likely be responsible for entering the data into a computer or other type of secure file system. Data entry can be a great job at home if you are efficient and don’t mind a little repetitive job.

data entry job may include other types of office activities.


With its FlexJobs editing job, FlexJobs reviews the content and makes it easier for readers to understand. If you pay close attention to spelling and grammar errors and consider yourself a good writer, you may be suitable for a remote editing job.

You can also add captions, photos, graphics, and spreadsheets to make your content more attractive.

Fashion and beauty

FlexJobs posts jobs in the apparel, accessories, hair, makeup, and skincare industries that provide opportunities to test, develop, and promote a variety of consumer products. You Are fashionable or addicted to beauty? If so, a job-from-home job in the fashion and beauty industry may be the way to go.


through a marketing job, you promote products and services through a variety of techniques, such as public relations, digital marketing, and advertising. Marketing offers opportunities in almost every industry.

Some examples of FlexJobs marketing positions are business development manager, account manager, sales manager, and consultant.


He listens to the recorded audio and writes it in text format to clients such as hospitals and law firms. If you a fast detailed typewriter you want to consider rewriting tasks. With a transcription job you can expect to pay for the hour of the sound clock, which means that the amount you earn will be based on the fixed price of the sound written for one hour.

Some of the transcription positions you can find on the FlexJobs site may be for an electronic data processor, typist, and keyboard technician.

Web design

If you have the design of professional and responsive websites for clients in different industries, you can also work-from-home web design position. Since almost every business has a website, there is a great demand for web design.

FlexJobs web designers are often referred to as web developers, graphic designers, web and web artists, and Photoshop experts.


Whether you are fluent in Spanish, French, Chinese, or any other language, you may be able to find a work-from-home job as an interpreter, interpreter, customer service representative, or quality assessor. If you speak another language, why not use this skill to make money at home? FlexJobs offers a variety of jobs for bilingual professionals.

Because fluency in a second language is a unique ability, FlexJobs is likely to have less competition for bilingual jobs than in other categories.

Travel & hospitality

FlexJobs often posts jobs as a remote travel agency, travel assistance professional, and hospitality manager. Hospitality or travel jobs can be perfect for you if you love the idea of ​​helping others visit new places and experience new cultures.

Who knows, you may be lucky and receive travel benefits if you go for one of these jobs. There are also long-distance travel positions that provide an opportunity to collaborate with international clients.

Animals and wildlife

If you are passionate about the animal and game industry, you can find a job at a veterinary clinic, a cruelty prevention agency, an animal welfare organization, a wildlife agency, or even a zoo. Believe it or not, FlexJobs does post work-from-home job opportunities for animals and wildlife.

FlexJobs is Worth a Shot

simplify your work-from-home job search and if you are not satisfied, you can get your money back. If your goal is to find a legal and professional freelance job, be sure to consider joining FlexJobs.

Since FlexJobs can be the answer to the freedom and flexibility you’re looking for, it’s worth a try.

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